Consultations - Residential

A feng shui consultation can serve your personal needs in a wide variety of ways. Examples of personal scenarios calling for feng shui consultation include:

  • You have issues of money, relationships or health you want to resolve. We offer analysis and enhancements for change.
  • You are considering a remodeling project. We offer design guidance.
  • You are selling your home and you want to sell it quickly and at the best price possible. We use the approach from an informational and energy level.
  • You want to build a house. We help with site selection and house design, from inception to completion.
  • You rent your home or apartment and seek a way to make your environment as healthy as possible. We give you strategies to optimize good energy flow, using elements of interior design.
  • You want your exterior landscape to support your life. We provide garden design following the principles of feng shui.

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