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Lis and Paul Labellarte - Columbia Builders

“We wanted a feng shui consultation to guide us in designing our new home. Danielle was able to advise us from the beginning with practical, useful information before we started design plans and when working with the architect. Her information was helpful // during the planning stage and saved us both time and money. She helped us create a balance and wholesome home, with efficient use of space.”

Kathy Paxton

“My husband and I did a total remodel/expansion to our house which doubled our space and changed the footprint. We worked with our architect for a year before breaking ground. Early in the design process, I engaged Danielle to review our plans. Our architect and I were able to make the house very good. Danielle made it better and saved us from a few disastrous errors - particularly in the placement of doors and windows in the dining room, the location of our entry door and the stairway to the upper tower. I have a pretty good instinctive design sense, and in cases where I felt uneasy about some of the features our architect recommended, Danielle was able to explain why I was uncertain about them and recommended alternative designs that were spot on correct in both form and function."

"I can't imagine ever getting involved in another such project without expert feng shui consultations as part of the design process - it is basic to a successful outcome, and is one of the least expensive, most value adding professional services available in the design/construction business."

Karena Fredrick

"Danielle is amazing! So gifted and compassionate with a genuine desire to create space that nurtures and fosters health and wellness for all those who enter. She has a keen eye to detail and an awareness to specificity that brings about amazing results. I was newly married in my new home about six months and having an extremely difficult time putting it together. I just couldn't seem to make it work- no matter how MANY arrangements I came up with. This was a new experience for me. I was extremely frustrated and felt hopeless and overwhelmed. Danielle showed up at my door so serene and ready to "understand" my needs...and on more than just a design layout. We then went about the house setting the space up room by room to support the function of the space and the people in it "

"My home was truly transformed. Danielle spent 9 hours working along side me. She opened the door to a frazzled newlywed and closed the door to a hopeful bride. My home has been running much smoother and I've taken action on many of her suggestions. And she was RIGHT!!! I've continued to pay attention to the principles she shared with me that day and have evidenced the subsequent "flow" as a result. I can't wait to have her back for follow-up! "

"Thank-you Danielle. You are a truly gifted and generous woman of high integrity and me and my family certainly benefited from your services! "

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