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Ellen and Joe Williamson

"Because I wanted balance and harmony in my home, I asked Danielle for a consultation. She inquired what my priorities were. One of them was to find someone to share my life with.// She helped me find what I was looking for in my home and two months later I met the man of my dreams. Four and half months after making the suggested changes, we were married. Thanks for your guidance Danielle."

Mark and Bev Corey - Superior Office Installations

"When we moved our successful business of ten years to a new location, we started experiencing many problems and business had decreased. Danielle came out to do a consultation and we made the changes that she suggested.// Our employee morale improved immediately and within four months our business was successful again. The problems that came up after the move are resolved and overall the office has a more positive atmosphere."

Borracchini Foods Inc.

"We had Danielle consult with us to improve staff relations and to enhance the work environment. Since then, the atmosphere is much improved between staff and management, and there is better organization the office. Sales have increased and customers comment on how nice the office looks."

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